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Title VI and ADA Posting

Posting Title VI and ADA information is required. Dancing between required language for compliance and positive brand image presents interesting challenges. Copywriting is paramount, while image and branding need to be on point and consistent with all marketing material. Given the related nature of the material, we treated them as one campaign, sharing a common look.

We developed a straightforward multi-format strategy, employing an interior bus card, informational brochure (see below), web page and online complaint form (visit

Bus Roadeo Designs

One of public transportation’s fun team building events is a Bus Roadeo. We have worked with several agencies to create designs used on T-shirts, Pins and other items. Here are a few designs that we’ve produced for past Roadeos.

Bus Roadeo designs for T-shirts.

Bus Roadeo designs for T-shirts.

Contact us with information about your upcoming event:

Interior Bus Cards

Interior cards are a great way to inform a captive audience. Let them know about your programs and policies.

Route Maps & Schedules

Color coded route schedules, clear maps, organized timetables and common information in a consistent layout allow for efficient use by patrons and managers alike. Among the services we provide is improving on existing designs submitted to us (see maps below.)

Operational Material

Helping fleets operate smoothly is something we take great pride in. Consider TLA as a handy design service that can manage all your graphic design needs.

Color Coded Series of Maps

Color Coded Series of Maps

Route Maps & Schedules – The combination of graphic design, the organization and layout of information, and map-making.

Inspection Forms & Line Drawings – Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer. A form consisting of a checklist and diagrams of the vehicle is a cost effective way to keep the fleet running well without going overboard.

Bus Roadeo Designs – Taking pride in one’s skills is a key to success, combining that with team building and you’ve got a great way to improve service and have fun doing it.

Title VI notices, PSAs & Change in Service, etc. – We have produce these items and would be happy to work with you on such projects.

Inspection Form With Line Drawing

Inspection Form Sample

DBI-P-form-10-2012-p2A clear, easy-to-use system that provides detailed information for    intra-organizational communication is essential to running a tight operation. Documentation of fleet maintenance is an important part of complying with government regulations. A well organized inspection form designed to convey a driver’s concerns and maintenance communication is essential. We design user-friendly, streamlined forms that work.

Among the many items commonly included on transit forms are:

  • Vehicle ID
  • Date / Shift
  • Mechanical issues
  • Passenger area condition
  • Bus/van line art for identifying problem areas or damage
  • Space for descriptions
  • Operator, mechanic, supervisor signatures

DBI-P-form-10-2012-p1Often the simplest solution is the best. Transit Line Art creates custom Inspection forms to your specifications, with detailed graphics of your agency’s vehicle models. Our forms are made to work within and enhance your current system.

This form, designed for Culver City Transit, provides a simple yet effective way to track the condition of their vehicles, alerting maintenance supervisors of any drivers’ concerns. Some companies, for example, may require drivers to perform inspections at the start and end of each shift. The mechanics performing the maintenance are then required to sign the form when repairs are completed, documenting their service records in compliance with state regulations.

Vehicle Line Drawings

Detailed Drawings for Operational Use

Line art of Bus

Line art of Bus

The best vehicle line drawings feature accurate representations showing all important design details, yet leaving sufficient room for staff to mark areas that require attention.

These drawings are intended for intra-organizational purposes. They can be added to or accompany an inspection form to illustrate repairs needed and/or used for training purposes. They can also aid in the creation of a new paint scheme or bus wrap.

Provide photos you would like converted to line art, describe which details are important, indicate the image’s end use (so we can work at the proper resolution) and we’ll do the rest. Finished artwork can be provided in a variety of formats including .ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd, .jpg, .gif.

Photo specs and tips

For optimum results, follow these photo guidelines:

  • Shoot several pictures from each side and experiment with settings.
  • Shoot from eye level while standing opposite the middle of the vehicle, 50 feet or more away.
  • Backgrounds should be neutral to contrast with the vehicle.
  • Shoot with the sun at your back and low in the sky (early morning/early evening.)    Or, shoot on overcast days when light is diffuse.
  • Avoid shadows on vehicle if possible.
  • Set image resolution to 5 to 10 megapixels.
  • Check your photos on a monitor and select the best images.