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Norwalk Transit Fleet

Norwalk Transit's old look.

Norwalk Transit’s old look.

Norwalk Transit was in the midst of converting to CNG powered coaches and wanted an update from their rather conservative look of grey and maroon stripes on a white bus. NT wanted a departure from the old look, though they wish to maintain the brand and logo type. Our color pallet was their current colors, plus a gold that the city favors. They want the buses to have an environmentally friendly look that draws attention to their new CMG buses.

We began work in late 2013 and have a design finalized. Due to the fact that new buses are not yet on the streets, we are showing only comps from the process, not the winning design. After Norwalk Transit releases the design and the buses hit the streets we will add images of the new buses.

Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Culver City Rapid Bus

Culver City Rapid Bus

Having a strong visual identity is a great way to stand out. Municipal bus lines represent the community as they travel through other cities. TLA has worked with several Southern California municipal bus lines (Culver City, Montebello Bus Lines, Glendale Beeline & Norwalk Transit) to design a new look for their fleets.

Norwalk Transit 2013 "Stuff-A-Bus"

Norwalk Transit 2013 “Stuff-A-Bus”

We also work with agencies to design bus wraps for special occasions like a “Stuff-A-Bus” Holiday promotion that collects toys for disadvantaged children while spreading good cheer throughout the community. Or, to recognize a milestone, Anniversary, or new sustainability program.

Our Portfolio has a section dedicated to fleet graphics and vehicle wraps.

Fleet Graphics – Montebello Bus Lines

DSC05637Montebello Bus Lines was in the process of moving to CNG power, adding advertising to the sides of the buses, and celebrating their 80th Anniversary. They wanted a new look, keeping signature colors but updating their brand. We worked with them to develop a clean look, suggesting clear skies over rolling hills, and advertising on the sides. The script “M” of the revised logo has a long tail that implies movement from one place to another. The underlying text was changed to a more readable font suited for transit. The end result is a brand that maintains many of the characteristics of the original logo, allowing patrons to easily identify their trusted ride.


Fleet Graphics – Glendale Beeline

TLA worked with Glendale Beeline to create a distinctive new look.

New Flyer (close-up)

Glendale Beeline’s old design.

Glendale California’s Beeline had a signature look which served them well for many years. With new coaches on order from NewFlyer, it was time to update that look. They wanted to stay with a primarily white bus and keep the purple, red and gold. They were open to an update of their brand – a bee icon and logo type.

Click on any image below to view large versions of suggested designs and the one chosen. You may then navigate through the gallery using the left and right arrows.

Fleet Vehicle Graphics

We work with fleets to make them look good and call attention to their awards and milestones.

Culver City Bus – Rapid Bus:  Paint scheme, brand development.

Culver City Bus – 80th Anniversary, decal design.

Culver City Bus – Holiday bus wrap, decal design.

Glendale Beeline – paint scheme, decal design, brand refreshment.

Montebello Bus Lines – Paint scheme, decal design, brand refreshment.

Norwalk Transit – Paint scheme, decal design.

Norwalk Transit – Stuff-S-Bus, holiday themed bus wrap

Culver City Holiday Bus

Celebrate the holiday season, commemorate a special occasion like an anniversary or promote a community event with a custom bus wrap. Transit LineArt designs fun eye-catching graphics that will get attention. A wrapped vehicle will be seen community wide, taking your message everywhere it goes.

For example, Culver City Bus shows their holiday spirit with a bus wrap for the holiday season. TLA designed a colorful wrap with whimsical penguins that spread their holiday cheer to the people of southern California. They then used that bus on every route, allowing them to reach all the areas of the city they serve. The small image to the right is the comp we created, below are photos of the finished bus.

Culver City Holiday bus

Culver City Holiday bus

Culver City Holiday Bus

Culver City Holiday Bus

We were told it was a very successful campaign.

Promotional Decals for Vehicles

Acknowledge your achievements and milestones with vehicle decals that show your community what your organization has accomplished. We’ve designed decals that celebrate anniversaries (see the graphic at the top of the photo at right.) We create decals for winners of the 100 Best Fleets. If you have a special milestone that you would like to acknowledge, have TLA design and produce the decals that get the attention that your organization so richly deserves.ccb_80_years_est

100 Best Fleets and Government Green Fleets

100bestflts_vertAward winning fleets deserve recognition for their hard work and attention to detail. We are proud to be the official source for 100 Best Fleets and Government Green Fleets decals. Learn more about our merchandise programs here: 100 Best Fleets, Government Green Fleets.

Fleet Graphics – Culver City Rapid

In a proactive effort to improve rider service, Culver City Bus elected to add rapid service to a popular route serving Los Angeles’ Westside.

The Challenge

We were asked to create a distinctive bus design and logo that easily identifies Culver City Buses, yet distinguishes them from the rest of the fleet. Design should denote quickness and efficiency.