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Title VI and ADA Posting

Posting Title VI and ADA information is required. Dancing between required language for compliance and positive brand image presents interesting challenges. Copywriting is paramount, while image and branding need to be on point and consistent with all marketing material. Given the related nature of the material, we treated them as one campaign, sharing a common look.

We developed a straightforward multi-format strategy, employing an interior bus card, informational brochure (see below), web page and online complaint form (visit RideMBL.com).

Interior Bus Cards

Interior cards are a great way to inform a captive audience. Let them know about your programs and policies.

Route Maps & Schedules

Color coded route schedules, clear maps, organized timetables and common information in a consistent layout allow for efficient use by patrons and managers alike. Among the services we provide is improving on existing designs submitted to us (see maps below.)

Fleet Graphics – Montebello Bus Lines

DSC05637Montebello Bus Lines was in the process of moving to CNG power, adding advertising to the sides of the buses, and celebrating their 80th Anniversary. They wanted a new look, keeping signature colors but updating their brand. We worked with them to develop a clean look, suggesting clear skies over rolling hills, and advertising on the sides. The script “M” of the revised logo has a long tail that implies movement from one place to another. The underlying text was changed to a more readable font suited for transit. The end result is a brand that maintains many of the characteristics of the original logo, allowing patrons to easily identify their trusted ride.


Bus Token – Case Study

MBL Bus Token Program

Bus Token graphic

Montebello Bus Lines, Bus Shelter Ad

Montebello Bus Lines decided to bring back their Bus Token program, designed to save patrons money, promoting rider loyalty.

Our goals were to raise awareness, present the discount incentive, provide purchase info and locations.

To connect with a variety of patrons, we designed two campaigns: the “Back by Popular Demand” shelter ad shown at right; and the “Change is Good… Tokens are Better!” ad shown below as the interior bus ad. Each design had a bus stop/shelter ad meant for quick recognition, and an interior bus ad with more details about the program.

Back by Popular Demand

Thinking “nostalgic” we went with a retro tour poster look, something a la 1970s. The token in the middle of the star and starburst focuses attention, then we mention the savings and suggest they “Ride, Relax & Save With Montebello Bus Lines.”

Bus Token Program - Montebello Bus Lines - Interior Bus Card

Bus Token Program Returns – Montebello Bus Lines – Interior Bus Card

Patrons on the bus have more time to take in the entire message. The accompanying interior bus ad includes additional information and purchase locations.

Change is Good…  Tokens are Better!

A turn on a common phrase takes on dual meanings: asking patrons to change, and the “change” you save everytime you use a token.

Change is Good, Tokens are Better

Bus Token Ad – Montebello Bus Lines – Interior Bus Card


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